Neurofeedback for the treatment of ADD/ADHD

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Neurofeedback for ADD / ADHD

ADD /ADHD is a complex diagnosis that requires the support of licensed professional. Doctors often treat ADD/ADHD by prescribing stimulants such as Adderall or Ritalin, which are long term treatments that come with serious side effects. Neurofeedback is based on a simple principle – the brain emits different types of waves, depending on whether we are in a focused state or day-dreaming. The goal of neurofeedback for ADHD is to teach the patient to produce the brain-wave patterns associated with focus.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback, also called neurotherapy, neurobiofeedback or EEG biofeedback is a therapy technique that teaches people to control brainwaves. This is accomplished by providing the user with information on their brainwave activity, as measured by electrodes on the scalp, typically in the form of audio or visual cues. Positive feedback is given for desired brainwave activity and negative feedback for brain activity that is undesirable. Years of clinical research have shown that certain patterns of abnormal brainwaves correlate with certain behaviors.

Dysfunctional electrical activity in the brain is detected by performing a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) brain map. This allows the provider to identify abnormal brainwave patterns and plan a suitable intervention. Armed with a current brain map, the clinician can help the patient to resolve their clinical issues by training their brain to be more effective.

Why would I choose neurofeedback to treat ADD/ADHD when it can be treated with medication?

Neurofeedback is a way to control the symptoms of ADD/ADHD without taking stimulant medications. It is a safe, non-invasive alternative treatment for anyone suffering from ADD/ADHD. In November 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics approved neurofeedback as a Level 1 or “best support” treatment option for children suffering from ADD/ADHD.

While anxious, stressed people have too little alpha and theta waves, children with ADD/ADHD often have increased amounts of these slower/daydreaming waves and an inability to access the faster beta waves needed for concentration. Training to decrease slow activity and increase fast activity has been used successfully for over 25 years to ameliorate ADD/ADHD.

Behavioral Associates leads the way in medication-free treatments for ADHD

At Behavioral Associates, we utilize in-office neurofeedback as well as Myndlift home neurofeedback to help our patients treat ADD / ADHD. Our Children’s Center specializes in diagnosing and treating ADD / ADHD in children and teens. Dr. Robert Reiner, Executive Director, is BCIA Board Certified in both neurofeedback and biofeedback and presents five times annually on neurofeedback to practitioners and graduate level students.

What is Myndlift home neurofeedback training?

Myndlift offers therapist-guided neurofeedback in an affordable, accessible, and safe way from the comfort of your own home. Children, teens and adults are able to treat ADHD, anxiety, depression and more and improve their cognitive performance by completing specific trainings on the Myndlift system. These engaging video and game training options reward the brain for optimal performance and overall increase your brain’s ability to regulate itself. The treatment is done using a headset with dry electrodes that sit on the forehead and behind the ears, is non-invasive, and has no side effects. Lean more

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What are the next steps?

Patients must first complete an initial consultation with Dr. Robert Reiner (Adults) or Dr. Heather Davidson (Children, Teens). After the initial consultation, you will be set up with one of our expert staff members based on your goals, availability and treatment type. Treatment may require you to complete an MMPI-2 personality testqEEG brain scan or other psychological testing to fully understand your history and diagnosis.  Same and next day appointments are typically available Monday through Thursday.

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