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Virtual reality could treat your worst fears

Tell Me: What’s your verdict on humanity ?

Overcoming lockdown loneliness: Dr Robert Reiner, Behavioral Associates

Managing Stress, Replicating Life Before Pandemic: 20 BEADS Technique: Dr Robert Reiner, Behavioral Associates

Corona Diaries: Dr Robert Reiner, Behavioral Associates

Coronavirus Psychology: Robert Reiner, Behavioral Associates Executive Director

Coronavirus Pandemic: Dr Robert Reiner, Behavioral Associates

Virtual Reality Therapy Featured in Reuters – VR Medicine

Dr. Robert Reiner featured on ABC news testing the benefits of meditation

Dr. Robert Reiner featured on FOX news for ways to help anxious flyers

Dr. Reiner on NBC talks about the unintended effects of Social Media Addiction

Dr. Reiner on NY Daily News speaks about the possible signs of Teen Violence

Dr. Reiner on Access Hollywood

Dr. Reiner on CBS – “Confronting Fear in Virtual Reality”

Dr. Reiner on the National Geographic Show helps a patient overcome her fear of flying

Dr. Reiner on CBS – “N.Y. Unhappiest State In Country”

Dr. Reiner on NBC discusses Internet Addiction”

Dr. Reiner on FOX: National Convention – Dealing With Stress

Dr. Reiner on FOX: Coverage of Robert Blake

Dr. Reiner on FOX: Serial Sniper Part 1

Dr. Reiner on FOX: Serial Sniper Part 2

Dr. Reiner on FOX: Pennsylvania Coal Miners

Dr. Reiner on MTV’s “Real World” – “I Have a Phobia” – Ra’Chelle is Afraid of Cats

Dr. Reiner on MTV’s “Real World” – “I Have a Phobia” – Laundry Day

Dr. Reiner on MTV’s “Real World” – “I Have a Phobia” – Ra’Chelle’s First Session

Dr. Reiner on MTV’s “Real World” – “I Have a Phobia” – Ra’Chelle Overcomes her Phobia

The Washington Post
On the Therapist's Couch, a Jolt of Virtual Reality

The Washington Post
The Washington Post


By The Way
By The Way

The Garage

CBS News

How Virtual Reality Is Being Used to Treat Eating Disorders

5 Tricks to Make You Feel Less Afraid While Flying

Would You Give Your Life For Gaming?

Slashings and faulty cranes are making New Yorkers more anxious than ever

Afraid to Fly? Check Your Baggage Here

Fearless Flying

NYers’ hopes, dreams soar with $550 million Powerball jackpot lure

Virtual Therapy Helps Residents of a Shellshocked City

Flying With the Greatest of Ease

Working in Mental Health, the Prospect of Violence Is a Part of the Job

I’m Sorry but You’re Spinning on My Machine

Docs: It’s All In His Head

Are they still good fun, or are the video games taking control?

On the Therapist’s Couch, a Jolt of Virtual Reality

‘I Thought I was Losing My Mind’

Therapy Brings Patients to a Virtual World

Public Speaking Phobia

Fright or Flight

Virtual-Reality Therapy

Virtual Cures Doctors go high-tech to help patients conquer phobias

Treatment Virtually Cures Fear of Flying

Stress Reduction’s Common Thread

Research Studies

  • Medication Free Approach to Anxiety, 2019 – Ongoing (Cannot disclose the nature of the relationship). Behavioral Associates carried out this double-blind study in collaboration with a partner organization, serving as the primary mechanism for recruiting, testing and coordinating subjects.
  • Mobile Behavioral Therapy for Headache: A Pilot Study. Conducted by Biotrak Therapeutics and Behavioral Associates, 2018. Three rounds of studies were conducted from 2016 through 2018. Behavioral Associates served as the primary mechanism for recruiting participants and consulted on product development.
  • ADHD Research Study, 2016 (Cannot disclose nature of relationship). Behavioral Associates connected qualifying children and teens to the research partner to understand if wearable activity monitors help clinicians in diagnosing and treating ADHD.


Book by Dr. Reiner

Summary – “It is estimated that 35 million Americans suffer from varying degrees of Dental Phobia. Often referred to as Dental Fear or Dental Anxiety, Dental Phobia is a condition in which patients have a tremendous fear of going to the dentist. For many patients, this condition causes debilitating pain and affects self-esteem. Patients often don’t fully understand this condition and don’t know that treatment options are available. In this book, Dental Specialists Drs. Nargiz Schmidt & Joseph Zelig team up with Psychologist Dr. Robert Reiner to help you: Understand the causes of Dental Phobia; Learn about Behavioral Therapy for Dental Phobia; Learn about IV Sedation Dentistry; Read inspiring true stories of people who have conquered their fear of dentistry; Learn about the latest pain-free dental procedures; Get expert advice and recommendations about products to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful & healthy smile.

Listen to Dr. Reiner on Virtual Reality Therapy

Listen to Dr. Reiner on Smart Drug Smarts about “Virtual Reality Therapy”

Listen to Dr. Reiner on neurofeedback, VR, biofeedback, and a "medication as the last approach" attitude in working with children.

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