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MMPI-2 and PAIs for IVF Egg Donor Screening

Behavioral Associates provides scoring and reporting of the MMPI-2 and PAI Personality/Psychological evaluation for use in the screening process of potential egg donors.

Here’s how it works:

New Clients are sent (via mail) however many answer sheets and test booklets they wish to start with; more answer sheets can always be purchased at any time as they are needed.

Once completed by the potential donor, the answer sheet is faxed to us for scoring. After it is scored and examined by Dr. Robert Reiner for any pathology, a computer-generated report (it ranges from 4-7 pages) is then faxed back to you within 48 hours.

If there are any questions regarding a particular patient’s profile, Dr. Reiner will be available during normal business hours to discuss any concerns regarding the results of the test.

Some of our current Clients include:

  • Dream Donations, Inc.
  • Reproductive Science Center of Boston
  • RMA of New York
  • Boston IVF — The Waltham Center
  • Washington Fertility Institute
  • Fertility Institute of New Jersey
  • Baystate IVF

If your Program is interested in this service, please contact us or call (212) 860-8500.

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