Premier Mindfulness Concierge

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Premier Mindfulness Concierge

Enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

You’ve probably noticed that the word “mindfulness” is popping up everywhere. But what exactly is mindfulness, and how do I get started? 

Introducing the Premier Mindfulness Concierge

The Premier Wellness Concierge at Behavioral Associates is a cutting-edge mindfulness training program that combines comprehensive diagnostics with psychological interventions to help patients unlock the full mental and physical benefits of mindfulness

Honed from a combined century of experience, Behavioral Associates is the only company that uses extensive neuro-psychological testing to design your customized Mindfulness Plan. Developed by our expert psychologist Dr. Robert Reiner, your Mindfulness Plan includes a prescribed set of trainings and serves as the blueprint to your success.

To get started with the Premier Mindfulness Concierge, all new patients first complete a comprehensive baseline evaluation, which includes an initial consultation and a full battery of assessments. These assessments are then translated into a comprehensive, individualized Mindfulness Plan (MP) which outlines your monthly training program. The MP itself is unique to each person and includes a prescribed set of sessions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), neurofeedback, biofeedback, mindfulness and yoga. We then re-administer certain diagnostics on a monthly basis to measure progress and further tailor the training program. 

The Power of Assessment 

We are all more different on the inside than we are on the outside.

That is why the baseline evaluation includes a full battery of psychological, neuropsychological, personality and performance measures to fully understand where you are at and what it will take to reach your goals. For instance, a qEEG brain scan is always administered at baseline to capture the brain’s current level of functioning and reveal any underlying mental health challenges, such as ADHD, anxiety or depression. Using a data-driven approach, select assessments are re-administered on a monthly basis to objectively measure progress and tailor your treatment plan. 

Use data and powerful diagnostics to capture brain changes. 

 How does the Premier Mindfulness Concierge work?

The Concierge works on a monthly basis and is divided into two different levels: 

Gold Package
Focused on quickly delivering results, the gold package is our most comprehensive offering and equally utilizes individual therapy, cutting-edge technology and powerful diagnostics. 


  • Comprehensive Baseline Evaluation (Consultation and Diagnostics) 

  • Phone-Call Review – Review of Results + Treatment Recommendation 

  • x4 sessions with Expert Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Reiner

  •  x2 personal sessions with Mindfulness or Yoga instructor

  • x60 remote neurofeedback sessions

  •  x3 monthly psychological exams to measure progress 

Silver Package
Focused on a more gradual yet powerful approach to change, our silver package is best suited for those looking for the same level of access to our trainings, tools and diagnostics on a bi-weekly basis.


  • Comprehensive Baseline Evaluation (Consultation and Diagnostics) 

  • Phone-Call Review – Review of Results + Treatment Recommendation 

  • x2 sessions with Expert Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Reiner

  • x30 remote neurofeedback sessions

  •  x1 monthly psychological exams to measure progress 

What additional perks or benefits do Concierge members receive? 

Being a concierge member comes with exclusive benefits including same and next day appointments, priority scheduling, extended hours, video and phone sessions and direct access to therapist via email. 

Why work with Behavioral Associates? 

Dr. Robert Reiner, Executive Director and Founder of Behavioral Associates (BA), has been practicing psychology since 1981. He specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for individuals, couples and families alone or in combination with Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) and QEEG assessment. Dr. Reiner can frequently be seen and quoted in the news and media and is often called upon to make appearances on major news networks for his expert opinion.

Dr. Robert Reiner

How do I get started? 

Please reach out through the contact form so we can begin to learn more about your goals. Within 24 hours, you will be contacted by one of our care coordinators to schedule the comprehensive baseline evaluation. Additionally, you can call our office at (212) 860 – 8500.




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