Medication Compliance

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Medication Compliance

Behavioral Associates consists of a group of scientist-practitioners with extensive experience as researchers and clinicians in the field of adherence. We have studied determinants of adherence for a range of health conditions with the goal of developing scientifically sound adherence promoting interventions. We have recently completed a large national study of adherence to cholesterol treatment for a major pharmaceutical company. Our research investigated predictors of adherence to treatment of three cohorts including 8,000 patients, and included scale development, segmentation, and predictive modeling. Results provided the basis for adherence-promoting intervention strategies.

The Behavioral Associates consulting division has conducted research on acquisition and loyalty programs for migraine treatment, and developed a behavior path model that identifies and quantifies the drivers of patient behavior at each step of the migraine treatment action path. Multiple samples of 3,000 patients were studied. Results provided the basis for materials designed to improve doctor-patient communications and for patients to seek and maintain the most effective treatment for their migraines. They have also designed studies of adherence that would provide the basis for adherence promoting interventions for HIV, arthritis, hypertension, hepatitis C, diabetes (type II), anxiety/depression, smoking cessation, and weight control.

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