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Individual therapy allows the patient to work one on one with a trained therapist. Although the Behavioral Associates staff favors Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) our clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and psychotherapists have a wide range of skills and specialties. During the initial consultation (30 – 60 minutes) with our Executive Director, Dr. Robert Reiner, the patient’s needs are carefully considered in order to be matched up with a suitable therapist.

Once a therapist is selected, the patient and therapist work collaboratively to come up with a treatment plan. Therapy generally consists of 45 minute sessions that are scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly. As opposed to other types of therapy, CBT is known to generate results that are both durable and quick. On average, CBT therapy can be expected to take six months to a year, while more traditional forms of therapy can take years or even decades. The approach not only provides a means of changing the way people view themselves and their environment(cognitions), but also the ways in which they act in that environment (behaviors).

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