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Research Shows Myndlift is a Powerful Treatment for ADHD

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What is Myndlift Home Neurofeedback Training?

Myndlift offers therapist-guided neurofeedback in an affordable, accessible, and safe way from the comfort of your own home. Children, teens and adults are able to treat ADHD and improve their cognitive performance by completing specific trainings on the Myndlift system. These engaging video and game training options reward the brain for optimal performance and overall increase your brain’s ability to regulate itself. The treatment is done using a headset with dry electrodes that sit on the forehead and behind the ears, is non-invasive, and has no side effects. A licensed clinician is able to monitor your training in real-time in order to offer support and make adjustments as you improve. 

Research shows Myndlift is a powerful tool for ADHD

In a recent study, Myndlift utilized their home training program to treat ADHD in children. Each participant, ages 8-15, received home neurofeedback training 3-4 times per week for 9 weeks for an average of 21 sessions per patient. Progress was measured with a Continuous Performance Test (CPT) and parental report.

Overall, children with ADHD that trained with Myndlift had significant increases in attention and reduced impulsivity.

For more research on the link between Myndlift and ADHD, click here.

Myndlift is currently being used in 4 major research studies

Myndlift is currently being used in studies in conjunction with 4 major research institutions around the world for neurofeedback on different populations. While research at Western University in Toronto is focusing on PTSD patients, another study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is aimed at treating ADHD in adults. In North America, McMasters University in Toronto is exploring Myndlift for traumatic brain injury, and the Miami Children’s Hospital is conducting a large scale double blind study for ADHD in children. These studies take a long time to gain approval, be carried out, and have the results written and published, but we are looking forward to sharing them as soon as they are available. (Learn more at www.myndlift.com)

Neurofeedback has been used in clinics around the world for decades as an effective and sustainable treatment

Neurofeedback was labeled a Level 1 – Best Support intervention for attention disorders in children (2011). 

The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) is the major organization coordinating the development and research behind neurofeedback. The two links below will lead you to their recommended reading list, as well as their comprehensive research bibliography. Additionally, we recommend the research article “What is Neurofeedback” as a starting point to learn about neurofeedback.

Behavioral Associates leads the way in medication-free treatments for ADHD

At Behavioral Associates, we utilize in-office neurofeedback as well as Myndlift home neurofeedback to help our patients treat ADD / ADHD. Our Children’s Center specializes in diagnosing and treating ADD / ADHD in children and teens. Dr. Robert Reiner, Executive Director, is BCIA Board Certified in both neurofeedback and biofeedback and presents five times annually on neurofeedback to practitioners and graduate level students. If you have a question about neurofeedback or you’re looking to begin treatment, contact us or call the office at (212) 860 – 8500.

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