Upcoming Events – 2020

Upcoming Events

Dr. Robert Reiner and his staff will be participating in a series of presentations across 2020. The discussions aim to shed light on current and pressing topics in mental health, including the latest on depression, anxiety and ADD/ADHD and medication free approaches. Check back often or subscribe to our newsletter to find new events!

Dr. Robert Reiner

Dr. Robert Reiner, Executive Director of Behavioral Associates

August 17th, 2020: Mental Health 101 Presentation at the 92Y

Join us as expert psychologists Dr. Robert Reiner and Dr. Heather Davidson of Behavioral Associates discuss the most common mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and ADHD, as well as the top medication free approaches. Special focus will be given to maintaining psychological well-being as we prepare to transition to the Fall season. A series of case studies will be presented to showcase the latest innovations in mental health care, including Virtual Reality Therapy and neurofeedback brain training.The presentation will conclude with a Q&A between the community and our guest speakers.
  • Type: Community Presentation
  • Date: Monday, August 17th
  • Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM 
  • Tickets: $ 
  • Link: Please check back shortly! 

Interested in having Dr. Reiner or one of our staff members speak at your event?

Contact Brieanna Scolaro, MSW Director of Community Relations at brieanna.scolaro@behavioralassociates.com.


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