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Patient Testimonials

Visiting Behavioral Associates

“First visit, success! I am looking forward to working with Dr. Reiner and his colleagues.”

“I was dealing with a bad nervous breakdown and felt like I was lost with no hope until I found Behavioral Associates. From day one Dr. Reiner and his staff made me feel welcome and safe. The therapeutic sessions, tools and friendly environment helped me to overcome my depression and anxiety and I am in such a better place now.”

“This is a great office with many highly qualified therapists and social workers on staff. Even the office staff are awesome and personable. You meet with the head of the office for an assessment and then he matches you with one of his staff that he believes will be the best fit. And he was spot on with me and my therapist has been a dream for the past two years. I’m so grateful for this office and everyone that works here. Easy to get to location with lots of great businesses around so I can have my session and get errands done. Really fantastic – highly recommend”

“I wish I was still in NYC to continue going to Dr. Reiner. His expertise in curing the fear of flying is exactly what I went in to see him for and didn’t know that was his specialty.”

 “Dr. Reiner was professional, kind, and it is clear that he is an expert in his field. It can be very difficult finding a mental health professional and I am glad I finally found the right one for me.”

“I left my appointment feeling better than I felt in quite some time. It was nice to feel that I could open up and be myself without judgement.”

“Cured of fear of flying – I have suffered from fear of flying and was referred to Dr. Reiner by a friend who had great success with Dr. Reiner’s treatment. In addition to finding the treatment incredibly helpful, I also found the staff to be very friendly and up front about fees. My treatment included a session with Dr. Reiner during which we discussed the origins and development of my fear followed by “virtual reality therapy” in which I sat in a chair attached to a monitoring device used to monitor my breathing and heart rate. Then Dr. Reiner put virtual reality headgear on me and ran a program that simulates an actual flight. Throughout my treatment I was taught how to regulate my breathing and was able to practice effective relaxation strategies as I experienced the various anxiety inducing events during the simulated flight. After 8 sessions Dr. Reiner told me I was ready to fly. Although I was nervous about the idea of flying, when I actually experienced that first flght I utilized the techniques I learned and practiced in his office and was able to remain calm throughout the flight. As a direct result of my therapy with Dr. Reiner, I no longer consider myself a phobic flyer.”

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