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Group Therapy

Group therapy generally consists of six to ten people meeting with a trained therapist to talk about issues that they may be struggling with. Members share their feelings and gain insight about their problems from other group members who may be having similar struggles. Emotional support in the form of group therapy can be an invaluable experience.

At Behavioral Associates (BA), there are currently two evening groups, both utilizing cognitive behavioral (CBT) approaches. Our clients benefit from CBT strategies in a group format relying on action oriented approaches. The groups at BA have run successfully for many years with new group members always being added and existing members graduating at a mutually agreed upon time by the therapist, the patient and the group as a whole.

It is not necessary for group members to have the same presenting problems in order to participate in the group. Existing groups at Behavioral Associates have on-going enrollment.

We are in the process of starting an additional group that is geared specifically to people who struggle with sustained weight loss. This group is designed to help assess the advantages of weight loss, select a sensible diet and exercise routine, and prepare the environment so it is more compatible with their health-related goals. This group will promote self-compassion along with personal responsibility.

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