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Corporate Consultation

Behavioral Associates, a professional organization staffed by psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers offers a wide range of corporate consultation services using a cognitive behavioral model. Dr. Robert Reiner, the founder and executive director of Behavioral Associates, along with the support of his staff, has performed these services for various corporate customers inclucing Bristol Myers Squibb and Glaxo Wellcome.

Dr. Reiner has lead extensive research in medication compliance helping to uncover new ways to increase the level of compliance in the individual patient with specific research in this area performed for marketing and pharmaceutical companies. Because poor compliance related to medication, diet, and exercise typically reduce both treatment effectiveness and ultimately patient wellness this is a very important area of study at Behavioral Associates. The staff has extensive experience and knowledge in implementing empirically based behavioral strategies to improve wellness and overall well-being.

At Behavioral Associates, we can work with your corporation to improve overall productivity. In addition, we are experts in marketing research with experience in utilizing focus groups and other proven strategies to help optimize the positioning of your brand and/or products.

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