Behavioral Associates Statement on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

At Behavioral Associates, we recognize the profound impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on all individuals, families, and communities in the region as well as here in our own community. Our primary mission is to provide support and promote mental well-being for all, without bias or discrimination. We are committed to fostering an environment of empathy, understanding, and healing for all those affected by this longstanding and deeply complex conflict.

As a leader in mental health, we want our community to know that we stand strongly in support of Israel and it’s right to defend itself during this abhorrent time. The attack was barbaric, so cruel that it’s almost beyond comprehension.  At the same time, we also stand with both the Israeli and Palestinian families who have been affected by this conflict. We continue to condemn all types of violence and hope to promote peace and resolution as a notable course of action, both at home and abroad. We acknowledge the deep complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and we remain committed to providing a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental space for those seeking our assistance.

Over the past week or so, we have navigated the effects of this conflict within our own Behavioral Associates family and community. Brian Lissak, LMSW, a well-respected clinician and figure here at our organization, was called up to his reservist unit in the Israeli military and had to unexpectedly take a leave of absence. With his departure, he leaves a family awaiting his return and a massive community of lives that he has continued to have an impact on. We want to share our thoughts and prayers to both Brian and his family as we continue to support him here in the States and we ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers, as well.

In support of Brian and his family, Behavioral Associates is donating $10,000 to the IsraAID Emergency Fund who is facilitating a humanitarian response at the Israel-Gaza border in support of children and families who have been displaced, affected, and need assistance. We believe in the fundamental principle that every individual, regardless of their nationality, deserves access to mental health services and support. In transparency, IsraAID’s emergency fund has been created to enact the following:

  • Coordinate humanitarian activities in shelters housing evacuees from Israel’s Gaza border region.

  • Operate child friendly spaces where affected children can play, process, and finally have the chance to “just be kids” amid the chaos.
  • Distribute resilience kits with stress relief activities for children and families.
  • Train local teams on self-care and stress relief to “help the helpers” and ensure they can continue supporting evacuees.
  • Train local mental health specialists on emergency-specific psychosocial support, so they can best meet the urgent needs of affected people from Israel’s Gaza border region.

Our goal is to contribute to the healing and well-being of all individuals affected by the conflict, regardless of their nationality or background. We believe that fostering mental well-being, promoting peace, and supporting innocent civilians on all sides are essential steps toward a brighter and more harmonious future in the region.

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