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Academic or Achievement Testing

At Behavioral Associates we have therapists trained and licensed in administering and scoring specific tests that may be required for school admission or job acceptance.

If you are seeking testing for your child you will be referred to one of our therapists who specializes in working with children, therefore ensuring a positive testing experience for your child. Children perform their best when they are made to feel comfortable and at Behavioral Associates providing a secure and warm environment is a top priority.

In addition to screening for school admissions, IQ and Achievement Tests are often performed to assess an individual’s ability to learn certain material and/or gather information about the material they have already learned. Such tests can be helpful in providing information regarding learning delays or point out areas of academic difficulty. Often the combination of IQ and Academic Testing can help an individual, school or other organization better understand why an individual is struggling with certain material in order to help them overcome such difficulties.

At Behavioral Associates we are experienced in performing such evaluations and helping you, your children, or employees uncover and understand many academic and achievement strengths and those areas that may need to be focused on.

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