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So Cal Pain Center – So Cal Pain Management Centers specializes in treating difficult back conditions using pain psychology and minimally invasive techniques.

workers comp C Spine Surgery – Basic Spine Surgery The neurosurgeons at The Brain and Spine Institute of California provide a full range of treatment for general pain and back problems caused by workplace related injuries.

Redmond Orthopedic – Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians specializes in evaluation and treatment of most orthopedic injuries and medical conditions of the spine, upper and lower extremities.

Happiness-after-Midlife is devoted to giving Third Agers midlife crisis coping strategies and practices. Dr. Fred and Dr. Frank share valuable ideas and practices in important areas, such as career change & entrepreneurship, education, spirituality, goal-setting and self discovery. They use their knowledge and experience to assist mid lifers and beyond in making midlife transitions that can be filled with meaning and lifelong happiness. Check their quick-reference Resource Centre for midlife learning.

Complementary Therapies close to Wakefield, Pontefract and Castleford, Yorkshire, UK. – a small friendly complementary health centre, offering a wide variety of therapies.

Endoscopic Discectomy | Orthopedic Surgeon Los Angeles | Spine Surgery LA
Minimal Invasive endoscopic, removal of Herniated Disc of the neck or back as out-patient procedure. Essentially there is no surgical wound and you feel relieve of pain on the day of surgery.

I am Hetty Los a psychotherapist and counselor in private practice in North West London. I can help with anxiety, depression, life changes, relationship problems, low self-esteem, eating disorders, stress, spiritual problems and positive self-development. I will match my approach to your needs in a friendly and compassionate way.

Tower Orthopaedics are leaders in offering sport medicine, orthopaedic and neurosurgical procedures in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California. Our experienced doctors are committed to treat individuals alleviating sports injuries in the shoulder, ankles, knees, elbows and back. Typical procedures include Rotator Cuff Replacement Los Angeles, hip replacement surgery, shoulder surgery, knee replacement and more.

www.psychotherapyhighwycombe.co.uk – Psychotherapy High Wycombe.

Counseling Portland – The premier counseling Portland clinic offers a range of support, including anxiety, depression and other problems. Using the latest methods routed in Science, they work to make the individual whole again.

A Montreal Psychologist and Therapist, Danny Gagnon, PhD uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), to help you achieve the changes that are the most meaningful to you in the quickest way possible while respecting who you are.

Therapist san jose ca – Rosalind Cardia is a leading licensed Marriage and Family Therapist serving the community of Los Gatos, California and the surrounding communities of Saratoga.

Anxiety Support Network, http://www.anxietysupportnetwork.com is a website founded by a social anxiety sufferer and is especially for social anxiety sufferers. No matter what your state of life is currently, the Anxiety Support Network can help you to realize all your goals and dreams!

Homeopathy School International Study homeopathy conveniently from any location with the Homeopathy School International in Boulder, Colorado, USA: Learn how to treat your family, Become a homeopathic practitioner, Augment an existing healthcare practice.

Certified Personal, Group & Relationship Life Coaching – Client centered male and female life coaches for individuals, groups, couples, and independent professionals wishing to achieve personal growth, improve relationships, increase self esteem, and find their own right path to better life balance and happiness.

Yorkshire Stress Management – stress information and stress management services for individuals and businesses. (UK)

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